2 Sir Knights Exemplified into the 4th Degree


On Sunday, April 22nd over 60 candidates were exemplified to the 4th Degree in Plainville, CT at Our Lady of Mercy Church.  Bishop Fenwick Assembly 100 welcomed SK Mark Ludwig (St. Matthew Council No. 14360) and Chris Switzer (Our Lady of Fatima Council No. 12698).   Assembly 100 is honored to have 2 new Sir Knights in the Assembly and we welcome them with open arms.

Great job by Assembly 100 members SK Paul Niche, SK Anthony Armentano, SK Scott Scriscuolo and FN George Ribellino for assisting with the exemplification.  Great work by the Degree team led by SK Paul Niche.SK Anthony Armentano made his debut on the 4th Degree team as Registrar and did a great job.

A special thanks to District Master Allyn Temple and his staff along with Rev. Francis J. Finn Assembly 131 in Plainville for hosting a memorable day.

Congratulations to our dear friend and mentor Former District Master Charlie Sullivan for being the special honoree at the banquet.